“Usta Darin woodcarving studio” is made a lot of iconostasis by projects of usta Darin:

  • a church in the town of Sofia;
  • a church “St. Nicola” in Sarafovo, a town of Burgas – 2000;
  • a church “St. Petka” in a commune of Rudnik, a municipality of Burgas – 2013;
  • a church “St. George” in a commune of Ivanovo, a municipality of Russe;
  • a church “St. Ekaterina” in the town of Gimitrovgrad;
  • a church “St. Trinity” in a commune Gorna Melna, a municipality of Tran;
  • a church “St. Gregory” in the town of Sofia – 2011;
  • a church “St. Holy Virgin” in the town of Kotel – 2012;
  • a lot of iconostasis for chapels and homes;
  • in 2007 is made the iconostasis of the church “The Assumption” in the commune of

Uzundzhovo, a municipality of Haskovo, renovated on 9 September 2007. This church is very

old – since 1500th year, and has interesting and rich history and unique architecture. “Usta             Darin woodcarving studio” made also The Bishop`s Throne, that is donation for the church of         International Knight`s Order “St. Archangel Michael”.

In 2009 was held “First Symposium of Church Arts” in the town of Veliko Tarnovo. Usta Darin was awarded with diploma and prize winner from municipality of Veliko Tarnovo, diploma and honorary medal “Paisiy Hilendarsky” from Goverment Agency for Bulgarians in Foreign Countries about workmanship of the iconostasis in the church “The Assumption” – village Uzudzhovo.