The basic work is manufacture of applied and exquisite arts. The studio is the biggest in Bulgaria according the own area, team of specialists and production. It desposes of two buildings and all kind of machines and instruments for its work.

The studio projects and produces representative interiors for offices, private houses, hotels, iconostasis for churches.

Priorities of work are non standart original decisions with artistic value. Therefor the products are unique.

The studio makes all of works – woodwork, woodcarving, superficial work and the others and the manufacture is independent of outside workers.

You can see photos of:

Tables and chairs ( More )

Tables and chairs (More)

Energy harmonizers ( More )

Energy harmonizers (More)

Woodcarvings for walls ( More )

Woodcarvings and woodsculptures (More)

Woodcarved ceilinds

Woodcarved ceilinds (More)

Sommelier furniture ( More )

Sommelier furniture (More)

Tryavna`s chamber

Complete decisions of interiors (More)

Church iconostasis

Church iconostasis (More)

Studio projects (More)

Studio projects (More)